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Welcome to the Department of Psychology

As one of the youngest members of the State University System of Florida, Florida International University is one of America's most dynamic institutions of higher learning. Since opening in 1972, FIU has made enormous strides that are virtually unparalleled for a young university. In 2000, FIU was ranked by the Carnegie Foundation as a Category I Doctoral/Research University-Extensive - the highest, most comprehensive ranking in the classification. As the newest of the State Universities to achieve this status (and one of only four to do so), FIU now stands in the ranks of the nation's elite research universities.

From the very beginning, the Psychology Department has played a prominent role in the University’s push for excellence in teaching and research. The Department has a strong undergraduate curriculum, preparing students to pursue post-graduate educational and career opportunities. The Department has also been at the leading edge in graduate education at FIU, emerging as one of the first doctoral programs to break ground at the University and gaining national prominence for its outstanding faculty and programs. As FIU continues its trajectory toward recognition as one of the nation’s top urban research universities, the Psychology Department will continue to be in the forefront of this advance.

As a comprehensive Psychology Department, in a major university, in a global city at the cutting edge of the 21st century change, the Department aims to foster the strong basic science orientation and methodological rigor that are the backbone of the discipline, while drawing on the strengths and resources that are uniquely available in Southeast Florida to address important urban and multicultural issues of national and international relevance. The Department seeks to achieve an innovative and integrated balance between basic science and application in ways that serve the people of Southeast Florida, the state, the nation, and the international community by imparting knowledge through outstanding teaching and by creating new knowledge through its strong research programs.

At the undergraduate level, the Department offers a BA degree in Psychology, with a full range of courses at both the lower and upper division levels. The upper division courses include a diverse array of advanced laboratory courses for seniors that offer direct hands-on experience in both the basic and applied arenas of psychology. At the graduate level, the Department offers both MS and Ph.D. degrees in Psychology, with the following areas of specialization: Clinical Science (PhD), Developmental Science (MS and PhD), IndustrialOrganizational Psychology (MS and PhD), Legal Psychology (PhD), Behavior Analysis (MS) and Counseling Psychology (MS).

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