Asia A. Eaton

Asia A. Eaton

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- Ph.D. in Social Psychology with a minor in Statistics from the University of Chicago
- B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in Philosophy from Carnegie Mellon University

Research Interests

Broadly, my research explores the relationship between social power and gender in the U.S. and the implications of enacting powerful roles and gender roles for individuals’ attitudes and behaviors. I am currently examining how gender and social power support one another and interact in organizations and in intimate relationships. Please see my professional website and lab website for current and detailed information, and for a complete list of publications.

Selected Publications

Eaton, A. A., & Matamala, A. (2014). The relationship between heteronormative beliefs and verbal sexual coercion in college students. Archives of Sexual Behavior, doi:http:/dx.doi.org10.1007/s10508-014-0284-4

Eaton, A. A., & Rose, S. (2012). Scripts for actual first date and hanging-out encounters among young heterosexual Hispanic adults, Sex Roles, 67, 285-299.

Eagly, A., Eaton, A., Rose, S., Riger, S., & McHugh, M. (2012) Feminism and psychology: Analysis of a half-Century of research on women and gender, American Psychologist, 67, 211-230.

Eaton, A. A., Visser, P. S., Krosnick, J. A., & Anand, S. (2009). Social power and attitude strength over the life course. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 35,1646-1660.

Courses Taught

SOP 4745/WST 4931/WST 5936: Women and Leadership

SOP 3015: Social and Personality Development

SOP 4774: Female Sexuality

PSY 4916 & 4930: Power, Women, & Relationships Lab

SOP 5058: Proseminar in Social Psychology