Chit Yuen Yi

Chit Yuen Yi

Education and Training

• 2015 Ph. D. Lifespan Developmental Psychology, West Virginia University

• 2013 M.S. Lifespan Developmental Psychology, West Virginia University

• 2008 B.A. Psychology, University of Michigan

Research Interests

Dr. Yi’s research broadly focuses on emotional development and adjustment in childhood and adolescence. Her research topics include emotion regulation flexibility, adolescent substance use, socialization of positive emotions, and emotion perception.

Select Publications

Yi, C. Y., Gentzler, A. L., Ramsey, M. A., & Root. A. (2016). Linking maternal socialization of positive emotions to children’s behavioral problems: The moderating role of self-control. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 25(5), 1550-1558.

Yi, C. Y., Murry, M., & Gentzler, A. L. (2016). Perception of emotional expressions in adults: The role of temperament and mood. Journal of Individual Differences, 37, 16-23.

Gentzler, A. L., Ramsey, M. A., Yi, C. Y., Palmer, C. A., Morey, J. N. (2014). Children’s emotional and regulatory responses to positive life events: Investigating temperament, attachment, and event characteristics. Journal of Positive Psychology, 9(2), 108-121.

Gentzler, A. L., Morey, J. N., Palmer, C. A., & Yi, C. Y. (2013). Children's responses to positive events: Associations with positive affect and adjustment. Journal of Young Adolescence, 33, 662-681.

Courses Taught

Human Development

Social Psychology

Research Methods in Psychology

Senior Seminar on Emotion Regulation

Global Psychology

Introduction to Psychology