Stefany Coxe

Stefany Coxe
  • Ph.D., 2012, Quantitative Psychology, Arizona State University
    - M.A., 2002, Cognitive Psychology, University of California, San Diego
    - B.S., 2001, Experimental Psychology, University of California, San Diego

Research Interests

Quantitative methods for the social sciences and prevention science
Generalized linear model
Categorical data analysis
Statistical mediation analysis
Statistical programming

Select Publications and Presentations

Coxe, S., Aiken, L. S., and West, S. G. (in press). Generalized linear models. In T. Little (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of Quantitative Methods. New York: Oxford University Press.

Tein, J.-Y., Coxe, S., and Cham, H. (in press). Statistical power to detect the correct number of classes in latent class analysis. Structural Equation Modeling.

MacKinnon, D. P., Coxe, S., and Baraldi, A. N. (2012). Guidelines for the investigation of mediating variables in business research. Journal of Business and Psychology, 27, 1-14.

MacKinnon, D. P. and Coxe, S. (2011). A SAS program for bootstrap estimation of the generalized linear mediation model. Poster presented at the 19th Annual Meeting for the Society for Prevention Research.

Gonzales, N. A., Coxe, S., Roosa, M. W., White, R. M. B., Knight, G. P., Saenz, D., and Zeiders, K. (2011). Economic hardship, neighborhood context, and parenting: prospective effect on Mexican American adolescents’ mental health. American Journal of Community Psychology, 47, 98-113.

Coxe, S. (2010). Mediation analysis of Poisson distributed count outcomes: Standard estimates of the mediated effect are not equivalent. Presented at the 8th Annual Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology Graduate Student Pre-conference.

Coxe, S. and MacKinnon, D. P. (2010). Mediation for count outcomes: Equivalence of the mediated effect. Poster presented at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Society for Prevention Research.

Ayers, T. S., Tein, J., Coxe, S., Wolchik, S. A., and Sandler, I. N. (2010). Using a person-oriented approach to examine the six-year effects of the family bereavement program. Poster presented at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Society for Prevention Research.

Coxe, S., West, S. G., and Aiken, L. S. (2009). The analysis of count data: A gentle introduction to Poisson regression and its alternatives. Journal of Personality Assessment, 91, 121-136.