Panther Degree Audit Instructions

Panther Degree Audits (PDA)

What it is: “Degree seeking students will be able to retrieve a real-time status of their academic career progress using Panther Degree Audit. Panther Degree Audit provides a record of students' academic progress toward completion of their academic degree program. This new feature allows the student to review the courses they have taken, including in-progress courses, and review and plan for courses needed to complete their degree. Panther Degree Audit will assist students and advisors in planning for current and future courses as they pertain to the student’s degree requirement.” From the FIU Panther Degree Audit webpage.

For tutorials, FAQs and other information on using the PDA, click on the respective Students or Advisors & Faculty links on this website. This is the link for student tutorials on how to use the PDA system.

Every student who entered PhD program as of fall 2009 has a PDA. It is found in your Panthersoft account.

Here is how you find it: To view your Panther Degree Audit (PDA) log into; from your Student Center, under the Academics drop down menu, select "Academic Requirements" and click on "go". This will take you to your PDA page. For more detailed instructions, please view the tutorials below. It may be helpful to download as PDF to view.

In order to graduate with MS and/or PhD – PDA must be validated. That is in order for your degree to be processed by the Registrar’s office the audit must be correct and validated. The graduation office will also not send your certificate unless the PDA is accurate.

In your PDA: In order to be validated every area must be satisfied. To determine what has been satisfied and what needs to be fixed read this Graduate Student Degree Audit Manual.

Students should review their PDA and be proactive in keeping it as accurate as possible. Please do not wait until the semester you are graduating to request changes as this could delay your graduation.

The best time to check the accuracy of your PDA is yearly when you complete your Annual Evaluation.

If you transfer any credits from another University, they will always fall under courses not used so if you want these credits to satisfy an area - they will need to be moved.

How to Submit Changes: Changes are made by the PDA office. Request for changes must come from your Faculty Advisor/Major Professor/Program Director or the Graduate Director or Graduate Secretary. must be sent to the PDA office but students cannot submit changes directly to PDA office.

If you know that things need to be changed please send an email with a memo to Lara requesting the changes in the format outlined below.

Format on How to Request Changes:

Move from Electives [RQ4051/LN50] PSY 5939 from fall 2010 and PSY 5939 from spring 2011 to Statistics/Methodology [RQ4051/LN10].

Move from Courses Not Used [RQ4046/LN10] PSY 5939 from spring 2011 to Statistics/Methodology [RQ4051/LN10].

Move from Courses Not Used [RQ4046/LN10] SOP 5058 from spring 2014 and PSY 5939 from Spring 2012 U08 to Clinical Science Content Courses [RQ4051/LN30].

Move from Courses Not Used [RQ4046/LN10] PSY 5939 from Spring 2014 and PSY 5939 from fall 2013 to Electives [RQ4051/LN50].

VERY IMPORTANT: RQ lines are required or PDA office will not move the courses.

Once you have sent the requested changes memo to Lara and cc’ed your Faculty Advisor/Major Professor. The PDA office will make the changes.