Student Forms

Forms for Master's Thesis

Graduate students who entered the PhD program in 2011 or later are now required to conduct a Master's Thesis project under the new in-house guidelines. The specific details of the Master's thesis project are determined by the doctoral training area. Please consult with your Major Professor or Training Area Program Director for specific details. However, all students completing the in-house Master's Thesis are now required to submit the following Memoranda:

Make sure that all required additional materials are provided.

Please download the form and fill it out and turn it in to the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Leslie Frazier.

Please note: Once Dr. Frazier has received your Master's Thesis Defense Memo and approved the thesis, a memo will be sent to the Registrar's Office and 1 semester after your defense the Master's degree will appear on your transcript (see below).

You MUST apply for graduation to: 1) have your MS appear on your transcript; 2) obtain a diploma; and 3) walk in the commencement ceremonies. Students must have a minimum cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 or greater. In order to graduate in a given term, a student must submit an application for graduation to the Office of the Registrar by the appointed deadline.A graduate student must be enrolled the term in which he/she graduates. A student denied graduation must complete the requirements for graduation and reapply for graduation.

Forms for Doctoral Dissertation

All graduate students in the doctoral training program are expected to complete a doctoral dissertation. A doctoral dissertation is supervised original research that makes a substantive scientific contribution to one's area of interest or specialization.

Advancing to candidacy. Students qualify to begin their doctoral dissertations after successful completion of the qualifying exams. While competing the doctoral dissertation students must be continuously enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits of PSY 7981 Ph.D. Dissertation each semester that they are completing their Ph.D. This is in the area of the student’s specialization.

All doctoral students are responsible for knowing the UGS deadlines for all forms. The CAS deadline is 1 week prior to the UGS deadline, and the PSY Department deadline is 1 week prior to the CAS deadline or two weeks prior to the UGS deadline.

Critical deadlines for D5 based on anticipated defense dates can be found here.

Dean Donnelly will not accept any late forms under any circumstances

University Graduate School guidelines for Doctoral Dissertations

University Graduate School procedures for dissertation forms

All doctoral committee members must print and fill out the Graduate Student Rubrics at the oral defense and these forms must be handed in to Lara Wilson