Panther Degree Audit (PDA)

PDA stands for Panther Degree Audit. It is an automated degree audit that monitors your progress, keeping track of what requirements you have fulfilled, and what requirements you still have to complete. You cannot graduate until all the sections on your Panther Degree Audit are showing "satisfied".

You should run your PDA every semester after you have registered and at the end of each semester after grades are posted, to ensure that all the classes are being applied to the requirements as you expected. Review the Panther Degree Audit for accuracy and put the copy in your Important Documents Portfolio.

  • Satisfied - Every time you complete a course that fulfills one of those requirements it checks it off and says “Satisfied.”
  • Not Satisfied - If you still have a requirement left over it says “Not Satisfied.” Meaning, you have “Not Satisfied",this requirement.”
  • IP - If you are registered for a course that will fulfill the requirement, provided you pass it with the appropriate grade, the PDA says “IP” meaning “In Progress.”

Your goal (think of it like a video game) is to make all the “Not Satisfied ” turn into “Satisfied”. When that happens, and there are no more “Not Satisfied” left on your SASS report you get a happy little message across the top which reads: "ALL REQUIREMENTS IDENTIFIED BELOW HAVE BEEN MET, PENDING COMPLETION OF CURRENT REGISTRATION IP COURSES."

When you get that message that’s a very good sign, though not a 100% guarantee, that you are ready to graduate at the end of the term.

You can log into your "My FIU" account to access your PDA.