Major Information

Psychology Majors Information

The undergraduate program reflects current trends in the field of psychology through its emphasis on the science of psychology (integrated via the research sequence) and through the inclusion of courses that represent recent trends in psychological theory and practice (e.g., child psychopathology, environmental psychology, and legal psychology).

All undergraduate majors should have a copy of the FIU Psychology Major's Handbook. This handbook will provide you with in-depth information about the degree requirements, course outline and post- graduate opportunities.

Program breadth is insured by way of the area requirements, which serve to familiarize students with five key sub-disciplines within psychology: experimental, social, applied, personality/abnormal, and developmental. Program depth is facilitated through the requirement for three psychology electives included in the degree program and by the option for students to take additional psychology courses beyond the 36 semester hours required for the major.

Requirements for FIU students admitted to Psychology Fall 2014 going forward please click here. (PDF)

Requirements for FIU students admitted to Psychology prior to Fall 2014 please click here. (PDF)