Major Information

Psychology Majors Information

The undergraduate program reflects current trends in the field of psychology through its emphasis on the science of psychology (integrated via the research sequence) and through the inclusion of courses that represent recent trends in psychological theory and practice (e.g., child psychopathology, environmental psychology, and legal psychology).

All undergraduate majors should have a copy of the FIU Psychology Major's Handbook. This handbook will provide you with in-depth information about the degree requirements, course outline and post- graduate opportunities.

Program breadth is insured by way of the area requirements, which serve to familiarize students with five key sub-disciplines within psychology: experimental, social, applied, personality/abnormal, and developmental. Program depth is facilitated through the requirement for three psychology electives included in the degree program and by the option for students to take additional psychology courses beyond the 36 semester hours required for the major.

The current 36 semester hour requirements for the B.A. in Psychology are as follows:

Research Sequence: 9 semester hours

  • STA 3123 Introduction to Statistics II (3 semester hours)
  • PSY 3213 Research Methods in Psychology (4 semester hours)
  • PSY 4931 Senior Seminar -Note: STA 3123 & PSY 3213 are pre requites for this course

Area Distribution Requirements: 15 semester hours

Students are required to take 15 semester hours in Area Distribution requirements. Students must take one course in each of the following five areas:

Area A: Experimental Psychology

  • EAB-3002: Intro to Experimental Analysis of Behavior
  • EXP-3523: Memory & Memory Improvement
  • EXP-4204: Sensation & Perception
  • EXP-4604: Cognitive Processes
  • PSB-4002: Intro to Bio Psychology

Area B: Social Psychology

  • SOP-3004: Intro to Social Psychology
  • SOP-3742: Psychology of Women
  • SOP-4414: Attitudes & Social Behavior
  • SOP-4522: Social Motivation
  • SOP-4525: Small group behavior
  • SOP 4731 Global Psychology *(GL)

Area C: Applied Psychology

  • CLP-4314: Health & Illness *(GL)
  • CYP-3003: Community Psychology
  • EAB-4794: Behavior Modification
  • INP-4203: Personnel Psychology
  • INP-4313: Organizational Psychology
  • PSY-4303: Psychological Testing
  • SOP-4712: Environmental Psychology
  • SOP-4842: Legal Psychology

Area D: Personality/Abnormal Psychology

  • CLP-4134: Childhood Psychopathology
  • CLP-4414: Abnormal Psychology
  • CLP-4374: Psychotherapy
  • EAB-3765: Behavior Analysis to Child Behavior Problems
  • EXP-3304: Motivation & Emotion
  • PPE-3003: Theories of Personality

Area E: Developmental Psychology

  • DEP-3115: Development in Infancy
  • DEP-3305: Adolescence
  • DEP-3404: Adulthood
  • DEP-4014: Parenting & Parenthood
  • DEP-4046: Psychology of Adoption
  • DEP-4164: Children’s Learning
  • DEP-4464: Aging
  • SOP-3015: Social & Personality Development

Required Psychology Course Electives: 12 semester hours

Four additional upper-division psychology courses are required. They may not include independent study, supervised research, or supervised field experience credits. These three courses may include additional courses from those listed as fulfilling Area Distribution Requirements, additional senior labs, or any other upper-division Psychology course taken for a letter grade. All courses taken for the major, must be passed with the grade of a C or higher.

In addition to the 36 credits that are required for the major, the College of Arts and Sciences requires at least an additional 12 3000/4000 level credits of general elective coursework to meet the necessary 48 hours of upper division credits. It also requires proof of competency at the second level or higher of a foreign language sequence. A total of 120 credits is required for the BA in Psychology. Finally, during the last 60 credits, a student is required to take at least 9 credits other than psychology.