Minor Information

Minor in Psychology

A Minor in Psychology requires 15 upper division semester hours of approved psychology credits. Students seeking the minor must file with the Psychology Department a written notice of intention to minor in psychology. A grade of ‘C’ or higher is required in all courses counted toward the minor.

The following is a list of commonly offered upper division Psychology Courses that can be applied towards the minor. The course list below is grouped by content area. Any combination of courses listed below can be applied to the 15 credit requirement. All courses are 3 credits each. Please check the course catalog for a description of each course and to determine if a given course has a pre-requisite which must be taken prior to enrollment.

Commonly Offered Courses

CLP: Clinical Psychology/Personality

CLP 4134: Childhood Psychopathology

CLP 4146: Abnormal Psychology

CLP 4314: Psychology of Health and Illness**

CLP 4374: Psychotherapy

CLP 4444: Personality Disorders

PPE 3003: Theories of Personality

DEP: Developmental Psychology

DEP 3115: Development in Infancy

DEP 3305: Psychology of Adolescence

DEP 3404: Psychology of Adulthood

DEP 4164 Children’s Learning

DEP 4464: Psychology of Aging

EAB: Behavior Analysis

EAB 3002: Intro to Behavior Analysis

EAB 3765: Behavior Analysis: Child Problems

EAB 4794: Behavior Modification

EXP: Experimental Psychology

EXP 3523: Memory and Memory Improvement

EXP 4204: Sensation and Perception

EXP 4604: Cognitive Processes

LIN 4705: Language and Cognition

INP: Industrial/Organizational Psychology

INP 4203: Personnel Psychology

INP 4313: Organizational Psychology

PSB: Biopsychology

PSB 4002: Intro Bio-psychology

PSB 4240: Neuropsychology

PSB 4250: Animal Cognition

SOP: Social Psychology

SOP 3004: Intro to Social Psychology

SOP 3015: Social and Personality Development

SOP 3742: Psychology of Women

SOP 3932: Drugs and Drug Abuse

SOP 4731: Global Psychology**

SOP 4842: Legal Psychology

TOTAL: 15 credits (5 courses) ** Global Learning Course