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We are proud of our alumni and the work they do across the United States and around the world. Network, mentor and build on your experience.

Brain Researcher

Diamela Arencibia BA '17

Diamela Arencibia Proenza, BA Psychology '17, Worlds Ahead Graduate, secured a research assistant position with the National Institutes of Health Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study - the largest long-term study of brain development and child health in the United States, partly conducted at FIU's Center for Children and Families. 

Expert on Witnesses

Rolando Carol PhD '13, MS '10, BA '05

Rolando Carol, PhD Legal Psychology '13, MS Psychology '10, BA Psychology '05, worked with FIU researchers exploring eyewitness memory and interviewing vulnerable witnesses. Then he applied his talents to teaching at Auburn University at Montgomery.

People-Focused Professional

David Rooy PhD '05, MS '03

David L. Van Rooy, PhD Industrial/Organizational Psychology '05, MS '03, was honored in 2017 at FIU's 16th Annual Torch Awards. His expertise in performance management and employee engagement has served him in senior roles at Walmart, Inc., and Marriott International.

Research Director

Raul Gonzalez '97

Raul Gonzalez, BA Psychology '97, is the director of FIU's Substance Use and HIV Neuropsychology (SUHN) Lab. He leads a team of researchers from across the university in the National Institutes of Health Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study.