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Marvin Dunn

Marvin Dunn photo

Phone: 305-389-1602


  • Ph.D. Community Psychology- University of Tennessee
  • M.A. Education Administration and Supervision, Roosevelt University
  • B.A. Psychology, Morehouse College

Military Service

Dr. Dunn served as a naval officer aboard the aircraft carriers U.S.S. Kitty Hawk and the U.S.S. Saratoga, and was the Commander of the 14th Battalion, U.S. Naval Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois.  

Research Interests

Dr. Dunn's primary research interests are in the identification of effective instructional and behavioral strategies and programs for students at risk and in race relations. His research examines the characteristics of effective schooling practices and intervention strategies for motivating the disinterested and disruptive learner.  He founded the Academy for Community Education (later re-named Dr. Marvin Dunn Academy for Community Education), a Miami-Dade County high school for at-risk youth.  His views on racial and ethnic relations in the U.S. have been widely published and broadcast on the major news outlets.  He has authored several books on the history of African Americans and has produced several films related to African American history in Florida. 

  • Books

    Dunn, Marvin.  The History of Florida: Through Black Eyes. North Charleston, South Carolina: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.  2016.

    Stepick, Alex; Dunn, M.; Castro, M.; and Grenier, G. This Land is Our Land.  Los Angeles, California:  University of California Press.  2003.

    Dunn, Marvin.  Black Miami in the Twentieth Century. Gainesville, Florida:  University Press of Florida. 1997.

    Porter, Bruce and Dunn, Marvin:  The Miami Riot of 1980: Crossing the Bounds. Lexington, Massachusetts: D.C. Heath. 1984.

  • Book Chapters

    Dunn, Marvin. “The Illusion of Moderation: A Recounting and Reassessing of Florida’s Racial Past”. In Old South, New South, or Down South? Florida and the Modern Civil Rights Movement. Irvin D.S. Winsboro West Virginia University Press. 2009

    Dunn, Marvin. “Miami in Black.” In Miami: The Sophisticated Tropics. San Francisco, California: Beebe, Morton, Chronicle Books.  1991.

    Dunn, Marvin. “Black Miami.” In Miami Now, edited by Stepick, A. and Grenier, G. Temple University Press.  1988.

    Dunn, Marvin; Solomon, R.; Puroff, T.; Gonzalez, M.; and Beneckson, R.  “Community Construction: An Unequal-Resource Activity.” In Intergroup and Minority Relations, edited by Fromkin, H.L. and Sherwood, J.J.  LaJolla, California: University Associates. 1976.

    Dunn, Marvin; Solomon, R.; Gonzalez, M.; and Beneckson, R. “Listening and Confronting:  A Racial Role-Reversal Experience.”  In Intergroup and Minority Relations, edited by Fromkin, H.L. and Sherwood, J.J.  LaJolla, California: University Associates.  1976.

  • Newspaper Articles

    “Georgia Ayers: The Lioness Sleeps” The Miami Herald – Editorial. February 27, 2015.

    “Justice for Willie James”. The Tampa Bay Tribune. November 18, 2009.

    “Shackled To The Past: Slavery Still Haunts Us Today.  The Miami Herald. April 13, 2008.

    “Slavery in Florida: Make the Apology Meaningful” The Miami Herald. April 6, 2008.

    “A Mixed Legacy: Leadership, Suicide.” The Miami Herald. August 7, 2005.

    “1980 Riots: Could They Happen Again?” The Miami Herald. May 15, 2005.

    “Let’s Try to Wear Each Other’s Shoes”.  The Miami Herald. May 25, 2000.

    “Message to Mandela: Save Your Children.”  The Orlando Sentinel.  May 8, 1994.

    “Bloodshed in South Africa Won’t Halt Long March to Democracy.”  The Miami Times. April 14, 1994.

    “A Teen Curfew for Florida?”  The Orlando Sentinel. October 20, 1993.

    “Herald Created a Reputation, Then Destroyed It.” The Miami Herald, Viewpoint.  August 8, 1993.

    “Are You Black, Liberal and Scared? The Miami News Weekender. November 8, 1980.

    “Why the Lozano Trial Should Be Moved.”  The Miami Herald, Viewpoint.  October 29, 1989.

    “Lock-Them-Up Approach Cannot Solve the Epidemic.”  The Orlando Sentinel.  September 17, 1989.

    “Ghettos Need More Good Men.”  The Orlando Sentinel, Insight.  March 12, 1989.

    “Our Black Ghettos Need Bold Actions.”  The Miami Herald, Viewpoint.  January 29, 1989.

    “Can We Save the Inner Cities?”  The Orlando Sentinel, Insight.  December 18, 1988.

    “Who is to Blame for Haiti?”  The Miami News, The People Speak.  July 4, 1988.

    “How the System Failed Tammy.”  The Miami Herald, Viewpoint.  June 12, 1988.

    “Amity Amidst Discord.”  The Miami Herald, To the Editor.  March 22, 1988.

    “The Greek Twisted History, But Meant Well.”  The Miami News.  January 27, 1988.

    “Prison Riots: No Winners, Many Losers.”  The Miami Herald, Viewpoint.  December 13, 1987.

    “Miami’s Annexation Plan Tests City’s Leaders.”  The Miami News.  December 11, 1987.

    “The Miami Election: A Postmortem.”  The Miami Herald, Viewpoint.  November 15, 1987.

    “In Response: A White (Criminal Justice) System Is Racist.”  Miami Review.  March 4, 1987.

    “1987 Marks Healing Process for U.S.”  The Miami News.  January 30, 1987.

    “The Black vs. Cuban-American Power Struggle in the City of Miami.”  Politicos 2 (March 1984).

    “After Overtown.”  The Miami Herald.  January 9, 1983.

    “Police and Riots.”  The Washington Post.  January 6, 1983.

    “What’s Wrong in Miami?”  The Miami News.  January 6, 1983.

    “The Haitian Problem: ‘Baby Doc’.”  The Miami Herald.  August 16, 1981.

    “Riot Report: Cops Caught Off Guard.”  The Miami News.  June 3, 1981.

    “A Year After the Miami Riot.  Embers Still Glow.” The New York Times.  May 17, 1981.

    “The McDuffie Riot, How It Was Different and Why.”  The Miami Herald.  May 17, 1981.

    “Sinking Into an Immigration Quagmire.”  The Miami News.  January 27, 1981.

    “Why Miami Blacks Might Riot Again.”  The New York Times.  November 10, 1980.

    “The Conservative Sweep: Are You Black, Liberal and Scared?”  The Miami News.  November 8, 1980.

    “Liberty City.”  The Los Angeles Times.  August 24, 1980.

    “Death Watch.”  Tropic Magazine.  August 24, 1980.

    “Miami After Two Months: 1,000 Blacks Arrested, 12 Blacks Dead--White Killers Still Free.”  Pacific News Service.  July, 1980.

    “Miami’s Explosion Isn’t Miami’s Alone.”  The New York Times.  May 20, 1980.

    “How a Black Sees the Jones Case.”  The Miami Herald.  March 2, 1980.

    “The McDuffie Killing, A Black Leader Cries Out: What Next?”  The Miami Herald.  January 6, 1980.

    “A Looming Conflict in Miami?  A Local Psychologist Argues That the City’s Racial and Ethnic Groups Neither Know Nor Understand Each Other and Offers Some Suggested Remedies.”  The Miami Herald, May 23, 1976.

  • Sponsored Research Papers

    Dunn, Marvin;  Kretsedemas, P.; and Beneckson, R. “Haitian-Americans in Miami-Dade County and the Welfare System, A Study of Utilization, Attitudes, and Perceptions Among Haitian-Americans 2001,” prepared for The Kellog Foundation.

    Dunn, Marvin; Beneckson, R.,,, “Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Florida Welfare Reform, A Study of Income Levels for Black, Hispanic, and White Post-Welfare Recipients,” 2000.  Prepared for The Kellog Foundation.

    Dunn, Marvin;  Beneckson, R., “Successful Welfare Leavers in Florida, A study of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Income Levels and Their Relationship to The Federal Poverty Level,”  2000. Prepared for The Kellog Foundation. Miami Annual Conference, Blacks in Miami-Dade County History; April 2002

  • Community Service

    Founder and Director, Roots in the City an urban gardening program in Miami’s inner-city community of Overtown

    Director, School Violence Prevention Interactive Media Technology Project; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services; 1999 - 2002. Assisted in development and field testing of an interactive CD-ROM and accompanying text guide for elementary-age children and their parents targeting avoidance as one tactic to combat bullying behavior.

    Director and Senior Mentor, University of Maryland and the Kellog Foundation, Welfare Reform Devolution Initiative Grant; 1999 - 2002. Grant funded to conduct research regarding the impact of national welfare reform policy on Florida’s poor population with special emphasis on the impact upon minorities.

    Collector, The Dunn Collection consists of over four thousand photographs and images reflecting the history of blacks in Florida (Donated to Florida International University).

    Curator, Rosewood Artifacts Collection contains hundreds of artifacts recovered in Rosewood under three state grants between 2008 and 2012.

  • International Service

    United States Information Service (USIS).  Sent on a training assignment in South Africa; keynote speaker at Conference on The Family in a Changing South Africa: Implications for Socio-Economic Policy and Interventions; conducted conflict resolution and organizational development workshop for black university student leaders at The University of The Western Cape, Cape Town; July, 1994.

    Consultant to The Goldberg Commission on Violence in South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa; provided review and comment to the Commission on its report to the South African government on the impact of violence on youth; July, 1994.

    United States Information Service (USIS).  Sent on a training assignment in South Africa; conducted a series of workshops on counseling victims of violence and on youth issues in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town; February, 1994.

  • Documentary Films

    “Rosewood Uncovered” (28 minutes) documents the Rosewood massacre of 1923 and provides a look at present-day Rosewood and archaeological research conducted there between 2008 and 2010, Filmmaker Isaac Brown, 2010.  

    “Murder on the Suwanee: The Willie James Howard Story” (27 minutes) the story of the lynching of a fifteen year old black child in Live Oak, Florida in 1944, Isaac brown filmmaker, 2009.

    “Black Seminoles in the Bahamas: The Red Bays Story” (26 minutes) documents the flight of slaves from Florida escaping to the Bahamas Islands in the 1800s, Isaac Brown filmmaker, 2007.

    “The Black Miami” (140 minutes) based upon the book, “Black Miami in the Twentieth Century.” Filmmakers Michael Williams, Carlton Smith and Marvin Dunn provide a visual history of the black community of South Florida from the mid-1600’s to the 1980’s, 2012.

  • National News Appearances (Partial Listing)

    NBC Nightly News, multiple appearances

    CBS Evening News, multiple appearances

    ABC Evening News, multiple appearances

    McNeil-Lehrer Report

    ABC Nightline, multiple appearances

    Good Morning America, multiple appearances

    The Today Show, multiple appearances

    Black Entertainment Television

    Voice of America

    Fox Television: The O’Reilly Factor

    National Public Radio: multiple appearances