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PhD in Developmental Science

Our program uniquely integrates a lifespan orientation with an interdisciplinary focus on both basic and applied developmental science in an international, multicultural urban context. It provides a rich and diverse setting for faculty research and scholarly activities with exceptional opportunities for students to participate in innovative programs of knowledge development.

Student Spotlight

In the PLSD Lab: Vanessa Vieites was awarded a competitive FIU Dissertation Year Fellowship for 2020 - 2021 and LaTreese Hall was awarded the University Graduate School Inclusion Fellowship, which provides 4 years of support.

In the HDCI Lab: Ana Lucia Rodriguez was accepted into the 2020 Complex Systems Summer School at the Santa Fe Institute and Claire Helpingstine was awarded a NIH Fogarty Center Pre-Dissertation Fellowship through the Global Health Equity Scholars Program. 

In the PWR Lab: Yanet Ruvalcaba was accepted into the NC State University 2020 Building Future Faculty Program and Anna Kallschmidt accepted a position at Stanford University's Center for Poverty and Inequality.