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Active Grants

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)

    ABCD-FIU: Pathways and mechanisms to addiction in Latino youth of South Florida (Co-I: Dick / 1U01DA041156-01 / 2015-2020 /$12,689,357 total costs)

    Biosignatures of executive function and emotion regulation in young children with ADHD (Co-PI: Dick / 1R01MH112588-01A1 / 2017-2021 / $2,626,213 total costs)

    Early childhood behavioral and neurobiological profiles in the prediction of obesity: The role of self-regulation and the caregiving environment (Co-PI: Dick / 1R01DK119814 / 2018-2023 / $2,735,305 total costs)

    Infant motor skill trajectories and language outcomes (PI: Nelson / 1R03HD097419-01 / 2019-2020 / $146,500 total costs)             

    Intersensory processing, developmental trajectories, and longitudinal outcomes (PI: Bahrick / RO1 HD053776-11 / 2013-2024)

    Multisensory development: New measures and a collaborative database (PI: Bahrick / RO1 HD094803 / 2019-2024)

  • National Science Foundation (NSF)

    Prenatal Maternal Determinants of Neonatal Social Development (PI: Lickliter / BCS-1525371 / 2015-2019 / $575,000 total costs)

    RAPID: Leveraging the ABCD study to examine the effects of Hurricane Irma exposure: The Disaster and Youth, Neural, and Affective Maturation in Context (DYNAMIC) Study (Co-PI: Dick / BCS-1805645 / 2018-2019 / $180,000 total costs)