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  • Current Students

    Natalie Armenteros

    Renzo Barrantes

    David Beane

    Armando Falcon

    Aniqa Hatem

    Laura Heron

    Jennifer Houston

    Ryan Jacobson

    Anna Kallschmidt

    Andrew Laginess

    Danilo Le Sante

    Chantal Martinez

    Vanessa Quiroz

    Jose F. Rodriguez

    April Schantz

    Alexander Snihur

    Edward Sullivan

    Arieana Thompson

  • Industrial/Organizational Program Alumni

    Our alumni have received notable awards for their contribution to practice and science, including:

    • SIOP Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award
    • SIOP Scott Myers Award for Applied Research
    • APA citation for Innovative Practice
    • FIU Provost award for graduate student research
    • FIU Torch Award
    • SIOP and APA Fellowship

Meet Our People

See what students and faculty in our program have been up to.