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Graduate Resources

Here you can find information about applying to a graduate program, taking advantage of resources for current graduate students, and pursuing funding opportunities.

Prospective Students

  • Program Application

    The graduate program application must be submitted to the University Graduate School by December 1 unless otherwise noted by the program.

    Applicants should apply through the online application portal. To begin your application, you must sign into your application user account with your User ID and Password. (If you do not have an account, please click on the “Create User Account” link.) The application fee is paid via this site.

    The following materials must be submitted as part of the online application:

    1. Curriculum vitae or resume that provides pertinent information on previous experience, education, honors, awards, interests, community service and achievements.

    2. A statement of intent, including a discussion of educational and career objectives, and the relationship of the desired Ph.D. degree to the achievement of those objectives. Statements should not exceed three typewritten, double-spaced pages.

    3. Three letters of recommendation from persons who are in a position to evaluate the applicant's previous professional, academic, and personal performance, and their potential for success in a graduate program. A letter of recommendation form is available from the University Graduate School but is not required by the department. Letters should be written on letterhead or stationery. Letters of recommendation must be uploaded or sent directly by the letter writer to the University Graduate School.

    4. Two writing samples - academic or work-related.

    5. The Graduate Programs in Psychology Application.

    All application materials and supporting documentation must be received in the University Graduate School's online system by December 1. Your file will not be reviewed until all materials have been successfully uploaded; late applicants cannot be guaranteed consideration. Applications completed after the date will be held over for the following year. Admission to the graduate programs is only for the Fall semester unless otherwise noted.

    Note that the Department of Psychology does not accept hard copies of application materials by email or mail, unless otherwise noted. If you have trouble uploading materials, you must mail hard copies directly to the University Graduate School so they may upload the materials for you.

    For more information about the Department of Psychology's application process, please contact the graduate office at or 305-348-2881. If you are inquiring about the status of your application, please send an email with your name and Panther ID to Only email inquiries will be accepted to check the status of your application.

  • FIU Graduate Application

    The following are the University’s graduate admission requirements:

    1. Online Graduate Application. See above for details. The Department of Psychology will not review your program application until this has been completed.

    2. Certified/official transcripts of all college-level work, submitted to:

      Address for Express Mail/Courier Services:
      FIU Graduate Admissions
      Modesto A. Maidique Campus, BT 101
      11200 S.W. 8th Street
      Miami, FL 33199

      Address for all other mail:
      FIU Graduate Admissions
      P.O. Box 659004
      Miami, FL 33265-9004

      Foreign Applicants: Please note you must provide a copy of your transcripts to graduate admissions and a translation from a recognized translation agency or official translator. Some suggested agencies are listed on the University Graduate School Admissions page.

    3. A 3.0 or higher GPA during the last two years as an upper division student for both the Master’s and Doctoral programs.

    4. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) General Test. Send official scores to Florida International University (Code: 5206) University Graduate School.

    5. International graduate student applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit a score for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). A total score of 550 paper-based, 80 internet-based on TOEFL or 6.5 on IELTS is required.

    For more information about the Department of Psychology's application process, please contact the graduate office at or 305-348-2881. If you are inquiring about the status of your application, please send an email with your name and Panther ID to Only email inquiries will be accepted to check the status of your application.

Current Students

  • New Students

    Welcome to our incoming doctoral students!


    The orientations offered at FIU include:

    • University Graduate School Orientation
    • Psychology Department Graduate Orientation
    • Teaching Assistant Orientation
    • Immigration Orientation

    University Graduate School Orientation

    The University Graduate School’s Graduate Orientation is intended for all newly admitted graduate students. If you are not able to attend Orientation, an Online Orientation is available. Please check your FIU email to see if you are eligible to participate.

    Psychology Department Orientation

    The Psychology Department offers an orientation workshop that takes you through all the steps to successfully complete your degree and graduate. This is a required workshop lead by Dr. Frazier and will include presentations from the Deans of the University Graduate School, the College of Arts & Sciences, the resource librarian, a representative from the Panthersoft Office, the Psychology Student Government Association and others.

    Teaching Assistant Orientation

    FIU’s Academy for the Art of Teaching hosts an intensive Introduction-to-Teaching Workshop once per year during the week prior to the start of the Fall term. This workshop is a requirement of the Graduate Teaching Certificate Program and is open to all teaching assistants and adjuncts. This orientation workshop is a departmental requirement for newly admitted students. For those of you who are returning and teaching in the new academic year, it is highly recommended that you attend. An email will be sent to announce the date and time of this orientation.

    Immigration Orientation

    All students at FIU in F-1 or J-1 student status are required to attend a MANDATORY Immigration Orientation conducted by the Office of International Student and Scholar Services. This is a separate orientation from other academic, departmental, or university orientations;  it will cover information specific to international students that you MUST be aware of. This orientation is offered at both the Biscayne Bay Campus and the Modesto Maidique Campus every semester.

  • Contacts and Resources

    Dr. Leslie Frazier
    Director of Graduate Studies
    DM 260- Modesto Maidique Campus
    Tel: 305-348-2045

    Graduate Secretary 


    Psychology Graduate Student Handbook

    Psychology Academic Misconduct Policy

    University Graduate School Graduate Assistant Handbook

    Additional Resources

    CASE Graduates (Graduate Support - Assistantships, Travel Support, Research Funding)

    University Graduate School (Calendar and Deadlines)

    Panther Degree Audit 

  • Student Organizations

    The Psychology Graduate Student Association (PGSA) is a student-led organization funded by the Council for Student Organizations. The organization represents and promotes the interests of the current psychology graduate student community by supporting scholarly activities and providing leadership, service, and social support. PGSA, recognized by the university/department as the psychology graduate students’ central organization, works throughout the academic year to provide scholarly and social forums that promote interaction among psychology graduate students and faculty. Past events organized include grant-writing panels, effective teaching and networking workshops, statistical capsules, and social meet-and-greet events. The current advisor of PGSA is Dr. Leslie Frazier. To sign up for membership and e-board opportunities, please visit OrgSync.

    For more organizations, visit the Department of Psychology Student Organizations page.

  • Courses
  • Master's Thesis Forms

    Graduate students who entered the PhD program in 2011 or later are now required to conduct a Master's Thesis project under the new in-house guidelines. The specific details of the Master's thesis project are determined by the doctoral training area. Please consult with your Major Professor or Training Area Program Director for specific details. However, all students completing the in-house Master's Thesis are now required to submit the following Memoranda:

    Make sure that all required additional materials are provided.

    Please download the form and fill it out and turn it in to the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Leslie Frazier.

    Please note: Once Dr. Frazier has received your Master's Thesis Defense Memo and approved the thesis, a memo will be sent to the Registrar's Office and 1 semester after your defense the Master's degree will appear on your transcript (see below).

    You MUST apply for graduation to: 1) have your MS appear on your transcript; 2) obtain a diploma; and 3) walk in the commencement ceremonies. Students must have a minimum cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 or greater. In order to graduate in a given term, a student must submit an application for graduation to the Office of the Registrar by the appointed deadline. A graduate student must be enrolled the term in which he/she graduates. A student denied graduation must complete the requirements for graduation and reapply for graduation.

  • Doctoral Dissertation Forms

    All graduate students in the doctoral training program are expected to complete a doctoral dissertation. A doctoral dissertation is supervised original research that makes a substantive scientific contribution to one's area of interest or specialization.

    Advancing to candidacy. Students qualify to begin their doctoral dissertations after successful completion of the qualifying exams. While competing the doctoral dissertation, students must be continuously enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits of PSY 7981 Ph.D. Dissertation each semester that they are completing their Ph.D. This is in the area of the student’s specialization.

    All doctoral students are responsible for knowing the UGS deadlines for all forms. The CAS deadline is 1 week prior to the UGS deadline, and the PSY Department deadline is 1 week prior to the CAS deadline or two weeks prior to the UGS deadline.

    Critical deadlines for D5 based on anticipated defense dates can be found here.

    The Dean will not accept any late forms under any circumstances.

    University Graduate School guidelines for Doctoral Dissertations

    University Graduate School procedures for dissertation forms

    All doctoral committee members must print and fill out the Graduate Student Rubrics at the oral defense and these forms must be handed in to the Department (

  • E-Petitions

    To initiate an e-petition for things like early graduation or committee member needs to Skype in for defense, you must:

    1. Type up a memo requesting early graduation.
    2. Have your mentor write a memo supporting the early graduation.
    3. Both should be emailed to so the petition may be started by the department.
    4. Department will send the petition and it will need approval by the Graduate Program Director, Dean of CASE and the UGS Dean.


  • Department Funding

    The Department of Psychology at Florida International University currently provides a number of graduate students in our program with scholarships, graduate student instructorships, or research assistantships worth $10,000 or more per year. This support allows out-of-state students to qualify for in-state tuition. Additional opportunities are also available to receive summer funding, research conference support, and other agency grants. Funding decisions are based on graduate student applications received by the noted deadline. For further information about department-based funding, please contact the appropriate Program Area Coordinator or Department Chair.

    Graduate Student Seed Fund Awards

    2018-2019 Seed Funds Announcement

    2018-2019 Seed Funds Application

  • Fellowships

    The University Graduate School is committed to excellence in graduate education and is proud to offer fellowship opportunities for new and continuing students. It is important to note that funding for the fellowships is limited and very competitive. To be considered for specific awards, it is critical to submit a complete application prior to the stated deadline. University Graduate School Fellowships

  • FIU Funding

    The Graduate & Professional Student Committee (GPSC) helps facilitate and enhance the overall graduate student experience, by advancing the University’s academic goals and promoting quality presentations and research efforts. They also work in conjunction with other Graduate Student Organizations and departments in order to present educational workshops and coordinate symposiums and scholarly forums.

    The Presidential Enhanced Graduate Assistantship Award is awarded to students based on GRE scores, GPA, and recommendations from the Chairperson and Dean. The award boosts the student's annual stipend by $5,000 and is for four years. Those admitted students who are selected for the Presidential Award are contacted by the University Graduate School.

    The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity, in conjunction with the Florida Board of Regents (BOR), offers a number of fellowships to minority graduate students. This award is restricted to minority students who are permanent residents of the United States and have been admitted into select graduate disciplines and professional program where minority graduate students are disproportionately underrepresented. The award is up to $5,000 per year. All interested students should contact Ms. Bennie Osborne at 305-348-2785 or visit the FIU Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity.

    The Financial Aid Office pays up to $1,000 per semester (Graduate Need-Based Grant) to students who have financial need. Students must complete a financial aid form which can be obtained at the FIU Financial Aid Office, PC 125, Miami, Fl 33199, via FIU OneStop. Monies will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. International students are not eligible for these awards. Students must be enrolled on a full-time basis.

    The Dean's Office in the College of Arts, Sciences & Education offers a limited amount of scholarship funds. Criteria for awarding these funds, as well as the amount of the award, vary from one academic unit to the other. Full-time enrollment is a requirement. Please contact the Department of Psychology Chair for more information.

  • External Funding

    The American Psychological Association provides numerous awards and sources of funding for graduate students. Funding opportunities include tuition reimbursement, travel awards, dissertation/ thesis research support, and fellowships for specific populations or areas of interest. Through this link, students will be able to access information about these and other related opportunities.

    The Association of Psychological Science provides numerous funding opportunities for students. These include research and grant awards and competitions as well as travel assistance to conferences. The APS’s RISE Research Award is a committee that works to enhance awareness of the need for research by and/or about underrepresented populations and offers funding opportunities in six specific areas.

    The State of Florida Board of Regents (BOR) has established a grant to assist minority students with their graduate education in areas where they have been traditionally underrepresented. Eligibility requirements include: a) admission to FIU Graduate School for the first time in the summer or spring semesters of the award year, b) enrollment for a minimum of six credit hours, c) minority students (American Indian/Alaskan Native, Pacific Islander, Black and Hispanic) who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. The award is on a one-time basis and is for $1,300. The application can be obtained in the University Graduate School. The deadline is February 15th (Spring admission) or April 1st (Summer admission).

    The Florida Education Fund (FEF) in Tampa, Florida provides fellowships for African-American citizens to pursue Ph.D. degrees in the state of Florida. Applicants must be African American, U.S. citizens ready to start their Ph.D. degree. The fellowship will be awarded only to persons who intend to seek the Ph.D. degree. The award is up to $5000 per year plus an annual stipend on $12,000. The application can be obtained in the University Graduate School, by visiting the Florida Education Fund website or calling 813-272-2722. The application deadline is January 15th of every year.

    The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans provides opportunities for continuing generations of able and accomplished New Americans to achieve leadership in their chosen fields. The Program is established in recognition of the contributions New Americans have made to American life and in gratitude for the opportunities the United States has afforded the donors and their family. Applicants must be (1) is a resident alien; i.e., holds a Green Card or, (2) has been naturalized as a U.S. citizen or (3) is the child of two parents who are both naturalized citizens. The award is intended for students who are in their first or second years of graduate study and is for a maintenance grant of $20,000 plus 1/2 of tuition. The completed application must be postmarked by November 30.

  • Travel Funding
    • Before you travel

      The Graduate Student and Professional Committee is the most common way to receive funding for a conference. Before applying, please view their frequently asked questions and their presentation to understand funding processes. You must apply minimum five weeks before the conference but it is highly suggested you do it sooner.

      After applying for GPSC funding, the College of Arts, Sciences & Education will support graduate travel on a matching basis. The college will award up to $200 once a year to encourage graduate students to present their research at professional meetings, to defray travel expenses associated with research, or to interview for a job. See Graduate Support

      A travel authorization must be created BEFORE you leave to go to a conference. Travel Authorization is created by graduate liaison and then sent for the approvals. If GPSC is funding your trip, you must provide the email confirmation from GPSC before the Travel Authorization can be created.

      When booking your travel

      Airfare confirmation/invoices need to show coach or economy class and must show credit card used with last four digits and the amount of airfare.

      If you use one of the websites for example like Cheap Tickets, Orbitz, etc., please make sure you print out a receipt, because often they do not put the last 4 digits and credit card used on the airfare confirmation.

      If you are planning to be reimbursed, please only use your credit card to book your airfare and registration. If a group of you want to be on the same flight, please just sit together to book it at the same time - but use separate credit cards.

      Credit card statements cannot be used in place of receipts or invoices. They may be used in addition to your receipts in certain cases. One area may be when a group of students share a hotel room and it’s under one student’s name but several of you have your credit card swiped and the hotel does not print your name next to your credit card or on the invoice. You may provide your statement just to prove which of the credit cards swiped belongs to you.

      After you travel

      These items are needed to process your reimbursement:

      1. Airfare confirmation/Invoice (if you did not provide it before your trip)
      2. Registration confirmation (if you did not provide it before your trip)
      3. Hotel Receipt (even if you are not being reimbursed for the hotel, the Controller’s requires it anyway to see where you stayed)
      4. Front page of the conference program copied along with the page(s) of where your name is that you presented. Also, if there is an overview of the schedule a copy of that.
      5. Copies of boarding passes are optional but it is always a good idea to submit them. (Please check, if you have GPSC funding, this may be a requirement for them)
      6. If you did have other items that are reimbursable like taxi/airport shuttles you may submit those as well.

      No receipts are needed for meals. A set amount is reimbursed per meal.

      Once you submit everything to the graduate liaison, they will do your reimbursement as soon as possible and then email you to comesign the expense report. After the expense report is submitted, all budget managers must approve it and then the final approval is from the Controller’s department. This process can take several weeks.