Travel Policies

FIU Travel Policies

Policies Before You Travel

A travel authorization must be created BEFORE you leave to go to a conference. Travel Authorization is created by Lara and then sent for the approvals.

Please provide the following information for Travel Authorization: 1. Email from GPSC please forward it to Lara. If a faculty member is supporting your trip they usually will send an email to the Psychology Office Manager, the Psychology accountant and/or Lara. 2. First time I process travel for you need to grant me your proxy (I will email the directions to you). 3. Please provide your airfare and conference registration. 4. If you have your hotel reservation you may forward it but it is not necessary.

Once the Travel Authorization is approved by all it needs to be approved at the Department Level either by Dr. Frazier as HR supervisor OR if you are traveling on a grant then the PI will approve as HR supervisor, if a grant then the budget managers will approve it as well. Then it goes through the budget approval process and Lara (or the person who did your travel authorization) will receive an email it’s approved.

Some things to keep in mind when booking your travel:

Airfare confirmation/invoices need to show coach or economy class and must show credit card used with last four digits and the amount of airfare.

If you use one of the web sites for example like Cheap Tickets, Orbitz etc please make sure you print out a receipt because often they do not put the last 4 digits and credit card used on the airfare confirmation. So a receipt is needed.

If you are planning to be reimbursed please only use your credit card to book your airfare and registration. If a group of you want to be on the same flight please just sit together to book it at the same time. But use separate credit cards.

Credit card Statements cannot be used in place of receipts or invoices. They may be used in addition to your receipts in certain cases. One area may be when a group of students share a hotel room and it’s under one student’s name but several of you have your credit card swiped and the hotel does not print your name next to your credit card or on the invoice. You may provide your statement just to prove which of the credit cards swiped belongs to you.

Policies After You Travel

Reimbursement/Expense Report Process Items needed to process your reimbursement: 1. Airfare confirmation/Invoice (if you did not provide it before your trip). 2. Registration confirmation (if you did not provide it before your trip) 3. Hotel Receipt (even if you are not being reimbursed for the hotel, the Controller’s requires it anyway to see where you stayed) 4. Front page of the conference program copied along with the page(s) of where your name is that you presented. Also, if there is an overview of the schedule a copy of that. 5. Copies of boarding passes are optional but it is always a good idea to submit them. (Please check, if you have GPSC funding, this may be a requirement for them). 6. If you did have other items that are reimbursable like taxi/airport shuttles you may submit those as well. No receipts are needed for meals. A set amount is reimbursed per meal. Once you submit everything to Lara, she will do your reimbursement as soon as it’s possible and then email you to come sign the expense report. Once expense report is submitted all budget managers must approve it and then the final approval is from the Controller’s department. This process can take several weeks and even up to a month as there are only 4 accountants in the Controller’s office who share the work load of the whole University.