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Admission Requirements

The psychology major offers excellent training in how to understand human behavior using scientifically rigorous methods. A degree in psychology can provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge applicable to such fields as Business, Education, Law, Medicine, and Social work, as well as Psychology. Students who major in Psychology are also given a variety of opportunities be become directly involved in on going research, participate in our active student organizations, and conducted their own studies through our various research labs.

The Department of Psychology Advising staff can help you select courses that will fit your different interests and help you meet your career goals. In addition, they can help you decide if a degree in Psychology is right for you.

  • Eligibility

    Students can complete their University Core Curriculum courses while taking psychology courses. However, you must first be accepted into the university. Once you are admitted to Florida International University, you need to complete the following courses to be admitted to the Psychology program:

    A.A. or Core Curriculum/General Ed. Requirements met (any deficiencies noted)

    Intro to Psychology "C" or better in PSY – 2012 or equivalent at another University (Miami Dade College = PSY 2012)

    Another lower-division Psychology course “C” or better (Take ONE of the following: CLP 2001: Personal Adjustment, DEP 2000: Human Growth and Development, DEP 2001: Psychology of Infancy and Childhood, IPSB 2017: Cognitive Neuroscience, SOP 2772: Psychology of Sexual Behavior) or equivalent at a Junior College.

    STA 2122: Introduction to Statistics I or STA 3111: Statistics I and earn a “C” or better or equivalent at a Junior College (Miami Dade College = STA 2023)

    BSC 2023: Human Biology and earn a “C” or better, or equivalent at a Junior College (Miami Dade College = BSC 1005, BSC 2085/BSC 2086/BSC 2010/BSC 2011)

    Students seeking the Major should meet with Department of Psychology Advising and fill out a Request for a Major form.

  • Transfer Students

    We strongly recommend that students who are close to completing their AA Degree from a Florida Public Community College do so before transferring to the Psychology program. Students that enter Florida International University with an AA degree are not required to complete the University Core Curriculum courses. If you enter Florida International University without an AA degree you will have to take all the required University Core Curriculum courses plus the required Department of Psychology courses before you can earn your degree.

    For more information about transferring to the Department of Psychology from another institution, please contact Advising to schedule an appointment.