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Our program offers comprehensive training in cognitive neuroscience from an internationally recognized faculty. The rigorous academic program prepares students for research careers at research institutes, at public and private universities or in other non-academic settings.

For admission, the GRE General Test is required. For international students, who are encouraged to apply, we require the TOEFL. The program does not require the GRE Psychology Subject Test (although other Psychology PhD programs may do so).

Admission to our program is highly competitive. During the 2015-16 admission year, the average GRE score of applicants who were invited for admission to the program was V/Q 160/155. Their average GPA was 3.6. Five students were admitted out of 33 applicants. All of the admitted applicants had significant research experience at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, and comprehensive recommendations from research advisors. Need More? Contact Us

The program also offers a 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Neuroscience designed to advance scientific education and professional development.