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Diversity Committee

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The Clinical Science in Child and Adolescent Psychology (CSCAP) Diversity Committee is a faculty and student collaborative that aims to recruit, train, and retain diverse faculty and students. Our goal is to cultivate a climate of inclusion in which everyone is valued for their individuality.


The CSCAP diversity committee includes three subcommittees: Ethics and Diversity Curricula, Retention and Recruitment, and Student Support. Each committee is dedicated to increasing diversity initiatives within and across programs in the psychology department.

  • The Ethics and Diversity Curricula subcommittee maintains the objective of increasing diversity training opportunities in coursework, research, and practicum.
  • The Recruitment and Retention subcommittee focuses on recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and students through increased outreach, visibility, and initiatives.
  • The Student Support subcommittee provides an inclusive and confidential support group for all students across programs to openly discuss and problem-solve common barriers related to successful graduate performance.

The CSCAP diversity committee was founded in Fall 2016 and has already accomplished many goals in maintaining its mission of inclusion including:

  • Seed grants allocated towards student research projects on diversity science
  • Applicant Interview weekend happy hour sponsored by the diversity committee
  • Applicant travel grants funding applicants from underrepresented groups during Interview weekend
  • Conceptualization and establishment of diversity infused course during the first year of coursework
  • Establishment of a Psychology Department-wide diverse student support group
  • Culturally sensitive events/activities for faculty and students for the upcoming academic year
  • Program-wide administration of end-of-year Multicultural Environment survey to receive student feedback on program quality and climate related to issues of diversity

The CSCAP Diversity Committee is committed to continued development and improvement in issues of diversity and inclusion within the program. Feedback from faculty and students of all backgrounds is always welcome.

For additional information please contact the committee chair, Dr. Stacy Frazier, at